Measurable benefits:

  • Increases productivity

  • Reduces costs

  • Reduces inventories of current product

  • Reduces your losses or your releases

  • Reduces fatigue


The work of a virtual supervisor is to support the foreman in his position and help him to direct and control the work of his team. A virtual supervisor can have eyes everywhere at the same time. Assisting the foreman in his decisions and guiding him with its observations. a collaboration with MELIORE artificial intelligence optimizes performance and increases the wealth of your company in a short time.

Your Current Problems

Do you really control all the parameters of your plant’s productivity? Who works and who does not work? Who leaves his workstation? How many minutes per day is lost? Do you know the speed of your conveyors? How do you prevent the blocking of conveyors? How do all these elements affect your rejection rate, your business, and your profit?


With three levels of artificial intelligence, virtual supervisor MELIORE increases the benefits of productivity and improves the performance of your business. Your manufactory will become smarter and you will become a leader in your industry.

How Does It Work?

Using a system of sensors developed specifically for you, MELIORE artificial intelligence compiles all the collected data, gives an analysis, and offers management solutions by priority in real-time performance. The virtual supervisor is compatible with your equipment and systems, and it considers several external factors that may affect the productivity of your plant such as the weather, the results of the last hockey game, and several other elements


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    Virtual Supervisor MELIORE helps you:

    • Adjust the speed of your conveyors

    • Evaluate the performance of your employees

    • Intervene directly in your operations

    • Organize inventory management

    • Plan your workforce management

    • Make the best decisions in real time

    • Find out what happens when backs are turned

    • Support your foreman

    • Synthesize all of your data

    • Send instant information to company management

    Examples of applications in different sectors of activity

    • Farm management
    • Productivity of slaughterhouses
    • Preparation of meat
    • Manual product packaging
    • Line work
    • Highly manual work
    • Quality assurance
    • CRD recycling
    • Blue bin recycling
    • Access control