System Production Scheduling Service

Measurable benefits:

  • Improves productivity

  • Improves quality

  • Reduces energy costs

  • Reduces fatigue

  • Reduces costs

  • Reduces losses

Application of AI System Production Scheduling Service

The work of the artificial intelligence system production scheduling services is to schedule the circulation of products and materials, while respecting the related constraints, in order to optimize the costs at each step of the process. The AI system production scheduling services goes well beyond the generation of work orders from each of the workshop resources. It takes into consideration a maximum of scheduling possibilities based on several parameters, such as cycle times, difficulties related to each task, the ability of the workforce specifically link to the task, the preceding and following steps, delivery times, etc. In aninstant, the planner gives you the best production plan to use and it will readjust it several times per day depending on the variation of everyday life.


Your Current Problems

Do you coordinate all the quantities of products on all your resources in accordance with the manufacturing process at the lowest cost? Are you able to accurately assess the impact of the insertion of an emergency in the order book? Is every production schedule optimal? Are the processing times for each operation considered in your planning? Do you have penalties for your late delivery times? Does your calendar take into consideration all the hazards that may happen in your day? Do you have to repeat the same operation several times? Do you have a lot of losses that could have been recovered?


Benefits of System Production Scheduling Service

The planner satisfy the demand at the minimum cost, he corrects the primary scheduling in real time to adjust to changes during the day, according to the constraints, the available staff, the cost, the quality, the emergencies and deadlines.He Detail the scheduling of tasks to be performed by the production in order to maintain efficiency and control of operations.
The computing capacity of the planner can also be used to evaluate different scenarios, for example, to assess the impact of inserting a new job in the order book, or to assess the impact of adding or removing a resource. System production Scheduling simulations are a very good tool to support managers in decisions making.

How Does System Production Scheduling Service Work?

The planner uses scheduling and project management diagram that relates the cycle time and resource availability. This graph allows to highlight the succession of activities over time and to visualize the organization and progress of the work. Thanks to these algorithms and thanks to MELIORE’s artificial intelligence, the planner seeks to continually improve scheduling in order to reduce costs and inventory while respecting the availability of resources and delivery dates.

system production schedulin services

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    MELIORE, the Production Scheduling Software, helps you to:

    • Increase the productivity of the workforce

    • Improvement of the rates ofmachine usage

    • Respect for delivery times

    • Reduction of work in progress inventory

    • Improvement of the jobs profitability

    • Measurement of the flexibility for each task

    • Improvement of the workspace usage

    Examples of applications in different sectors of activity
    • System Production scheduling
    • urgent order
    • impact simulation
    • material needs forecasting
    • workforce planning according to the capacity of each employee