Measurable benefits:

  • Improves productivity

  • Lets you get information from your desktop

  • Allows you to communicate with machinery operators on remote sites

  • Saves money

  • Saves time


Applications of Remote Monitoring Software

MELIORE, the robotic excavator, plays a vital role in projects related to building and public works management. It plans, commands, supervises, and controls the organization of work on the construction site. It is, in other words, a virtual project manager a remote monitoring software who ensures that all employees are at their workstation, they don’t run out of work, and that the machines are working at their full capacity.

Your Current Problems

Are you able to see everything that happens at the same time? Is the equipment working at their optimum level of performance? Can you remotely control the settings of the crusher, screener, and grinder simultaneously in order to improve their performance?

Benefits of Robotic Excavator

The site manager can remotely control the settings of all the facilities that it must monitor in its machine park. It follows the interactions of all the machines for optimal performance of the site in real time. Working in partnership with the MELIORE artificial intelligence makes the task simple, effective, profitable, and adds value to your business. MELIORE AI is the tool that contributes to higher organizational performance and success of your business long-term.

How Does Robotic Excavator Work?

Using smart sensors MELIORE installed on your machines that analyze the data set, MELIORE AI sends you recommendations and management solutions and/or directly operates some machine parameters in real time. The excavator robot allows you to supervise and have an overview of all the work that is performed by employees using heavy equipment. No matter the brand of your equipment, MELIORE artificial intelligence connects with all your machines and instantly communicates the most important information. The virtual excavator a machine control software is the perfect complement to support your decisions and direct you to the right place at the right time.

robotic excavator: A remote monitoring software

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    MELIORE excavator artificial intelligence helps you:

    • Understand the interaction of all machines simultaneously

    • Better manage your time and your energy

    • Get an overview of your site

    • To be everywhere at the same time

    Examples of applications in different sectors of activity
    • Management of a landfill site
    • Remote monitor and management of a composting site
    • Works on contaminated land management
    • Optimization of the operations of grinding and sieving
    • Excavation and transport operations management
    • Prevention of blockages in the crushers
    • Optimization of loads
    • Crushing operations management
    • Remote sites management
    • Optimization of the capacity of the mills
    • Improvement of the quality of the grinding and sieving process
    • Optimization of loads
    • Access control with Intelligent machine control