The supply chain is a set of steps that allows a finished product to reach its customers, starting with the raw materials. Supply chains are generally very complex, and managers have cut them into sections in order to understand and improve them. For example, a warehouse manager seeks to reduce inventories, but production asks him to increases it. Meanwhile, purchases want to order the largest batch possible, which then leaves transport to deliver the products to the customers at the last minute to meet delivery dates. With this supply chain consulting sub-section cut, we are assured to get a sub-optimal solution because we eliminate synergy opportunities.

Operations research allows us to analyze and optimize a very large set of variables and constraints in order to find the most optimal solution for the entire firm. For example, in the optimization of the supply chain our consultants would, in the previous example, well-coordinate production needs and purchases. The warehouse would not have to take unnecessary stock since the forecasting system would provide us with the required service rate and transport would plan its routes with production, procurement and customer needs.

The interest for the supply chain cunsulting with MELIORE’s supply chain management tools and mathematical methods comes from the facts that the solutions found are significantly better than a solution found by human intuition or found by analysis from a spreadsheet. The more expensive the unit cost of the resource that we optimize, the more appreciable the gain.

The optimization of the supply chain is a typical application of operations research because decision variables are very large, and unit costs are high. Indeed, whatever the cost of stocks, storage, transshipment, transport or time, all of these resources need to be optimized.

Why Choose Meliore Supply Chain Consulting services?

With operational research tools, decision support and data mining, our consulting firm can optimize all your supply chain business intelligence by integrating the constraints of every aspect of your operations in a model that will surely offer you significant returns on your investment.

Our supply chain optimization consultants can help you:

  • Plan your purchases
  • Schedule your transportation and your production
  • Propose a plan of transport for your imports (or outsourcing)
  • Improve your customer satisfaction

Measurable benefits of supply chain business intelligence

Agile companies must be able to make the right decisions quickly. With the help of supply chain tools & optimization consulting, managers will be able to:

  • Reduce supply chain costs
  • Reduce delivery delays
  • Improve the availability of stocks
  • Improve delivery times
  • Improve inventory turnovers with the help of inventory consulting firm
  • Improve the productivity of trucks
  • Reduce GHG emissions (reducing distances)

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Examples of applications in different sectors of activity
  • Location of transshipment centers to reduce transportation costs
  • Optimal location of ecocentres to better serve citizens
  • Road de-icing strategies to improve service while reducing costs
  • Stocks management of garbage bins
  • Optimal waste management road, depending on the number of trucks available
  • Management of empty containers and planning their return to the center
  • Excavation logistics to maximize the use of the equipment
  • Develop an evaluation grid for the employees
  • Study of the impacts of a change in the salary during a collective agreement negotiation
  • Develop a grid of assessments of candidates
  • Supply chain optimization by providing a better planning and proper management of stocks
  • Integration of several manufacturing systems combining the information and generating a business intelligence
  • Optimal transportation route, taking into account the needs and capabilities
  • Optimal delivery route development, accounting for returns and dimensions
  • Optimizing the use of transshipment centers and selecting the optimal routing choices