The company

A manufacturer in the transportation industry

The problem

The growing company needed to improve productivity and reduce delivery times. Since the communication between the administration and the factories was deficient, the company incurred loss of time due to stockouts. Its ERP system had a lot of data but was not able to provide advanced business analytics.

The approach

MELIORE has created an artificial intelligence system that analyzes historical data that communicates with the ERP to transmit to the timely business intelligence, providing better control over the inventory.

In a second phase, we drilled the data to consider as a whole the profitability of all projects.

The benefits

The company has managed to improve its internal communication and reduce stock-outs at 0.1%, but thanks to the data mining tools it managed to better predict demand, thus improving its turnover by 15%. In the second phase, the company used business intelligence to develop a more competitive quotations system. These gains were achieved without changing its current management software.