Modern computer systems provide access to a huge amount of data. Geolocation and time management by barcoding cards or information from the website. These data contain potentially strategic information. Unfortunately, their quality and quantity make the analysis difficult for the manager. MELIORE has commercial data mining tools and techniques to ‘understand’, or to find interesting trends “hidden” in the data.

Whether it is during a research project and development, analysis of historical geolocation or during the marketing planning, the principle remains the same. There are a set of causes and effects that the manager will not be able to diagnose with its spreadsheet. The drilling data and the artificial intelligence data mining tools will detect these relationships and build high-performance models very close to reality.

From a different angle, rigorous designers use finite element analysis to analyze their design. The problem encountered is that the calculation time in the finite element simulator is too long.

Why Choose Meliore Data Mining services?

MELIORE can not only significantly accelerate calculation time, but can also support the designer in its design iterations by offering performant modifications. This approach significantly accelerates the cycle time of the product design.

Our data mining tools and services can help you:

  • Better understand your environment
  • Accelerate your research and development projects
  • Make better predictions
  • Detect new trends
  • Improve management rules

Measurable benefits of Data Mining Tools and Applications

Agile companies must be able to make the right decisions quickly. With data mining software tools in hand, managers will be able to:

  • Reduce inventories
  • Increase the conversion rates of bid in contract
  • Reduce product development time
  • Reduce the production time of performance reports
  • Reduce the reaction time with the market

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Examples of applications in different areas of activities
  • Analysis of GPS data to determine possible improvement avenues
  • Analysis of trends in the demand of service and labor requirements forecast
  • Analysis of cycle time and detection of problems
  • Forecast of the goodwill
  • Analysis research and development data to find optimal designs faster
  • Demand forecast to manage stocks
  • Finite element design, where the model is mathematically optimized, versus finite element analysis, where the design is modified by the technician between each finite element calculation
  • Production cycle time analysis price better future jobs
  • Strategic analysis of the marketing plan, to optimize which media we should invest.
  • Optimization of operational rules in the operation of continuous production systems
  • Performance analysis of the transport operations and proposal of new management rules for the future
  • Forecasting the need for preventive maintenance
  • Selecting optimal portfolios based on different objectives of risk management
  • Design of decision robustly tested management
  • Statistical analysis of the call center performance
  • Looking for trends in the call patterns and classification of calls
  • Understanding the (inexplicable) phenomena in calls profiles
  • Service Improvement with optimal allocation
  • Workload forecast and optimal schedule development