About Us

MELIORE offers services in applied mathematics and applies many rational methods and techniques oriented towards finding the best way to operate. We suggest conceptual data models for you to analyze and gain a better understanding of complex situations so you can comprehend, evaluate, and make the most efficient choices.

Our approach

In a project with MELIORE, we team up with your expert staff in each of their fields.MELIORE is a specialist in the application of mathematics in the industry, while you are a specialist in your field.We will develop a mathematical model that corresponds to your reality and your constraints. Once the model is validated, MELIORE will use the most appropriate tools to offer you one or more optimal business solutions.In all cases, MELIORE does not replace the manager, but offers him a business intelligence to make the best decision corresponding to its reality.

Why partner with MELIORE

MELIORE is a firm specializing in quantitative analysis, we propose mathematical models to our customers allowing them to optimize & improve their business process and operations. Our tools are hybrids of solutions from industrial engineering, mathematics and computer science. The combination of these three sciences provides returns on investment-oriented solutions. In fact, we are so confident of the performance of our solutions that we guarantee a return on investment of 200%.What we sell:

  • Measurable results adapted to your reality

What we do not sell:

  • Software
  • Hours
  • Out of the box methods from bestsellers.
  • Gray hair

Our Method

As examples, here are a few realizations that we completed for small and big companies.
What makes MELIORE stand out from other consultants?

Traditional Improvement  Method

(Participatory methods)

The methods :

–         Lean
–         Toyota Method
–         Just in Time
–         Theory of constraints
–         Total Quality Management
–         6 Sigma
–         ISO9001

Advantages :
–         Participatory approach allowing to target particular problems
–         Quality improvement.
–         Work climate improvement.
Downside :
–         Not very efficient in a restructuration situation.
–         Do not work in complex situations.
–         Do not allow to find the optimal solution.

MELIORE Optimization Method

(Quantitative Methods)

The methods :

  • Operational research
  • Mathematical Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Assists in multicriteria decision making
  • Data mining

Advantages :

  • Quantitative methods allowing to quickly find the optimal solution to a complex situation.
  • Takes in consideration all realities and constraints specific to each company.
  • Allows to compare quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Easy to use and offers transparency
  • Integrates itself in an ongoing improvement approach.
  • Generates significant earnings
  • Cost effective and quick

Downside :

  • Generally requires tacking action.